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MVU Students Explore Medical Careers in a New Afterschool Program

MVSD Afterschool continues to offer innovative opportunities to middle and high school students that gives them real life insight into high demand industries like the medical field. We are particularly excited to share more about the HERO program that connects youth in our community with with mentors studying medicine at UVM. Learn more in this article from The Messenger by John Custodio.

MVSD Afterschool provides dozens of fun and rewarding programs for grades 1-12. Click here to see what’s available now!

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Reviewing District Goals

One important way the district maintains a steady path toward improvement is through setting goals and monitoring progress. In December, district administrators presented an in depth look at their goals for the year and beyond, as well as how they are doing so far. Many departments have achieved significant milestones already and have begun making plans to expand that success through the remainder of the school year.

Below you can view a slideshow that summarizes the information that was presented to the board so you can get a better idea of the work the district is doing to provide the most to our community.

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MVSD Afterschool offers fun and learning even during breaks!

Check out this article from John Custodio of The Saint Albans Messenger spotlighting how MVSD Afterschool continues to serve our students even when school is out!

This is just one of the many amazing programs and activities offered through MVSD Afterschool all year round. Head to the MVSD Afterschool website to see what’s available right now!