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MVSD Reopening Update 7-29-2020

MVSD School Community;

I am sure you have heard that Governor Scott has issued an Executive Order pushing back the start of school until September 8th.  I am pleased that there will be additional time for you all to plan for the return of your students.  There are definitely questions that arise for all of us about our school calendar. 

We still need to provide 175 student days by Vermont Statute.  Only the legislature can make a change to the mandated number of student days.  The legislature will be back in session on August 25th.  We understand that they will be taking up this issue when they return.  I expect that they will reduce the number of days required, but we do not know what that will look like.  We also have no idea if the calendar will need to be adjusted in other ways to minimize the loss of instructional time.  I will let you know as soon as we have answers to these questions.

We have decided that there will be a fully remote option for students who need it and potentially for some who choose that option.  We are going to work with Vermont Virtual Learning Collaborative (VTVLC) to provide that option.   In order to determine the level of need, we are surveying families today.  

Thank you for all you do.  We know how difficult this time of uncertainty is for all of you and we appreciate your patience.


Julie Regimbal